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Why should you choose Mobiltab ? Since its founding in 2010 MOBILTAB has been the elite brand of high quality and affordable Google Android tablets and smartphones. Our company is based in Orange County California U.S.A. Our vision is to offer the worldwide consumer high quality android tablets and smart devices at the lowest possible price. Designed with you in mind, all mobiltab products are built with the same attention to detail and expert craftsmanship. Starting with our super fast Quad Core 1.8ghz processor and IPS Full HD Resolution in many of our Mobiltab Sleek models. No other android powered tablets or smartphones have been able to match Mobiltab in value, performance, and quality.

Those are the ideals that we promise to keep. Sleek, affordable, easy to use, and engineered to attract attention, Mobiltab devices are found at many of the leading consumer electronic retailers in North America as well as Latin America and the Middle East. Its a new generation and the revolution starts here. Mobiltab technology for all, Android for all!

-The Mobiltab Team

Quality and Affordability: The Mobiltab Sleek Tablets and Smartphones boasts the latest technology with a Quad Core processor and a IPS Full HD Panel at an unbelievable value, making it perfect for mainstream and enthusiast consumers alike.

User Friendly Interface: The Mobiltab Sleek 10.1 HD Sleek 9 FHD Sleek 7.9 MINI Sleek 7 HD Sleek 5 HD Sleek 5 and Sleek 4.7 are running Android Jellybean , an easy to use, powerful, and reliable operating system from the team at Google. Designed for touch screen devices like the Sleek, Android helps you easily manage your programs with a vastly intuitive interface and access to the ever growing apps of the Google Playstore. Mobiltab is constant with there software updates and we will soon be updating all models and future models to Android 4.4 Kit Kat